Research Interests

  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Information Visualisation
  • Visual Analytics
  • Web-based Technology
  • Small, Smart & Mobile devices — User Interface design and development

Practical Application, currently focusing on visual, ontology-guided analytics, in three main areas:

  • Knowledge Management – both personal knowledge and links out to local communities of interest and the wider, global information space
  • the Linked Open Data Initiative, with a focus on powering usable technology for the ordinary end user
  • Microposts — the merits of the tiny chunk mode of information exchange and the particular challenges this form of communication poses


  • Dadzie, A.-S., Lanfranchi, V., Petrelli, D. (2008). Towards AI Usability: Problems, Strategies and Practicals. In CHI 2008 Workshops and Courses: Usable Artificial
    Intelligence Session.
  • Dadzie, A.-S., Lanfranchi, V., Petrelli, D. (2008), Abstract and poster (including also Uren, V. & Ciravegna, F.): Communicating a Vision for Knowledge Sharing in Industry, MMKM Workshop on Future Directions in Multimedia Knowledge Management at the Knowledge Media Institute of the Open University, Milton Keynes.
  • Bhagdev, R., Butters, J., Chakravarthy, A., Chapman, S., Dadzie, A.-S., Greenwood, M.A., Iria, J. and Ciravegna, F. (2007). Doris: Managing Document-based Knowledge in Large Organisations via Semantic Web Technologies. In Proceedings of the 6th International Semantic Web Conference ISWC 2007 (Semantic Web Challenge Track). [bibtex]
  • Iria, J., Uren, V., Lavelli, A., Blohm, S., Dadzie, A.-S. Franz, T., Magalhães, J., Nikolopoulos, S., Kompatsiaris, I., Preisach, C., Slavazza, P. (2007). Poster: Enhancing Enterprise Knowledge Processes via Cross-Media Extraction. In Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Knowledge Capture (KCAP ’07), 175-176. [bibtex]
  • Uren, V., Dadzie, A.-S., Franz, T., Lanfranchi, V.,
    Petrelli, D. (2007), Abstract and poster: Views on Cross-Media Knowledge Collections, MMKM Workshop: Multimedia Knowledge Management: Industry meets academia at the Knowledge Media Institute of the Open University, Milton Keynes.
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Other Involvement in Research Community

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Teaching & Demonstration at Sheffield University

  • Demonstrator, Engineering Faculty (2012)
    • Research Integrity & Ethics Training (RIET) for Engineering Faculty Postgraduate Research Students
  • Lecturer, the Institute of Life Long Learning (2007)
    • Elements of Computing II

Teaching at Ashesi University

  • Visiting Lecturer, Department of Computer Science (2004-5)

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Previous Projects

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contact: aba-sah.dadzie at